Iran’s Khar Turan 2nd largest biosphere reserve in world

The national park of Khar Turan, located southeast of the Iranian city of Shahrud, is believed to be the second largest biosphere reserve in the world. Khar Turan national park, with an area of around 1.5 million hectares, is the world’s second largest biosphere reserve after Africa’s Serengeti, says the park’s Chief Ranger Ali Akbar Ghorbanloo.

Shahrud’s Khar Turan, in the province of Semnan, is also home to the World’s last remaining Asiatic cheetah in captivity called Delbar (meaning enchanting in Persian).

Photos: A Lone Persian Cheetah at Turan National Park

The area has one of the richest diversities in terms of mammal species in the country, and has the largest population of onager in Iran as well as a good number of the two species of gazelles, wild sheep and wild goat, which ensure cheetah survival.

Series: Iranian Food – Kashke Bademjan

Kashke Bademjan

At an Iranian meal, you don’t look for the bread and butter. You look for the bread and eggplant. With fried onions, eggplant, and herbs, this creamy spread beats butter any day.

Iranian teams shine at International Robo Cup 2014 in Brazil


RoboCup Rescue Simulation League

Virtual Robot Competition: 

First Place: MRL, Qazvin Azad

Agent Competition

First Place: S.O.S, AmirkabirUniversity

Second Place: MRL, Qazvin Azad


RoboCup Rescue League

Second Place: MRLQIAU, Qazvin Azad

Best-in-Class Small UAV:   YRA, Islamic Azad University of Yazd

Best-In-Class Mobility: MRL, Qazvin Azad

Best-In-Class Manipulation: YRA, Islamic Azad University of Yazd


RoboCup Soccer Humanoid League

TeenSize Competition

First Place: Baset TeenSize, Baset

KidSize Competition

Third Place: Baset KidSize, Baset

TripAdvisor grants Certificate of Excellence to tomb of Persian Poet Hafez in Shiraz, Iran

TripAdvisor, a U.S. travel website that provides directory information and reviews of travel-related content, has granted a Certificate of Excellence to the tomb of Hafez in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz, Fars Province.

Tomb of Persian poet Hafez in Shiraz, Iran
(photo by Amir Hussain Zolfaghary)

Hafez was a Persian mystic and poet. He was born sometime between the years 1310 and 1337 in Shiraz, Medieval Persia. John Payne, who has translated the Diwan Hafez, regards Hafez as the greatest poet of the world. His lyrical poems, known as ghazals, are noted for their beauty and bring to fruition the love, mysticism, and early Sufi themes that had long pervaded Persian poetry. Moreover, his poetry possessed elements of modern surrealism.

The official document is awarded to the historical site for its beautiful architecture, its impressive atmosphere and the good behavior of the staff, the director of the Fars Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Department said in a press release on Friday.

Mosayyeb Amiri added that a poll conducted by the website introduces Hafezieh (tomb of Hafez) as one of the top historical sites in the world.

Series: Iranian Food – Shole Zard

Shole Zard

Almonds, pistachios, saffron, rosewater, and cinnamon — not what you normally expect in rice pudding. But you can’t have Persian rice pudding without a few extra ingredients!

Futsal: Iran takes 4th spot at World University Fustal Championship

Opening ceremony of the futsal competitions

Bronze Medal Match

The match for the bronze medal opposed Iran and Belarus. It was a beautiful game with two very talented teams. At the end of regulation time, the teams were still back-to-back (3-3) and so it was the ruthless shoot on goal that would separate the two teams. After a long series of penalty kicks on goal, it is ultimately the 10th player from Belarus who succeeded his shot on goal collecting at the same time the bronze medal for his country.

(Source: David Vandenplas, FISU Media)