2 thoughts on ““Outer Facade, Inner Essence”, painting exhibition by Hadi Farahani

  1. Jason

    I came across a painting.
    Oil on canvas, signature H. Farahani.
    Looking for some information on the artist.

    1. socialinform Post author

      Hi Jason,
      this photo is from my post “Strolling through Tehran’s art galleries – Part I” where I wanted to give a rough overview of Tehran’s art galleries in May. Next to each artist I added a short bio, if I found one, in his case it‘s nr. 14. Here is all I have about Hadi Farahani:
      The Iranian (bio from 1999), where you can find a link to contact the artist, although I do not know if it is still working
      Payvand News (from 2008)
      Honar Online (interview in Persian from May 2017)


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