Iran under the current regime does not offer the best environment for scientists. Scientists need collaboration with other scientists around the world, need funds and facilities. All this is very hard to get in Iran, still a lot of people in Iran are interested in science and some of them have achieved unbelievable things.

Follow on this blog and read about, how scientists at Harvard and MIT evaluate Iran’s successes in stem cell research:

Read about Nano Technology in Iran:

Read how Iranian graduates perform at international science olympiads:
(here you can also read about the girl with the second best score in the history of the international informatics olympiads)

Read about Einstein’s Iranian student:

How Iranian researchers collaborate with CERN researchers:

Read even more news on science here:

Here you can also see an overview of the iranian science output in comparison to other middle eastern powers:

Bio Chemistry, Genetics, MolecularBiology


Computer Science



Environmental Sciences


Physics & Astronomy

You can check this data on the following site:
Of course you cannot compare Iran’s science output with that of western countries that are not isolated and have enough funds for science, where scientist have no problems to visit science conferences in other countries, build connections, …
Still it is interesting how Iran compares with neighboring countries that are not isolated, and are rich enough to import international well known scientists. (Saudi Arabia)

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