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You will find there multiple travel reports of Europeans, North Americans and Australians that visited Iran.

A nice travel blog by an American couple who visited Iran:

Another nice Iran blog that I can recommend:
It is written by a Canadian couple the traveled through all parts or Iran. Their complete travel diary:

That is how it begins: Iran takes the prize as the country we liked best of the 30 we visited.

We’ve never been left so taken with a country. From the incredibly hospitable people to the amazing cultural sites and the wide, open landscapes, we find it hard to think of a better place to ride your bike.


Also a US American woman traveled through Iran:


Another interesting story is the story of a German family that traveled to Iran:

Besides that you may be interested what the Financial Times has to say about Iran:

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Interesting additional info for German speakers is what writes this about Iran:

Hier drängt man sich keinem Gast auf, überschreitet nie die Grenze der Höflichkeit.

Auffallend ist das etwa bei einem Spaziergang über einen der alten Bazare wie in Isfahan. Wer, geprägt von Erfahrungen aus Nordafrika, sich auf einen Spießrutenlauf durch aufdringliche Verkäufer vorbereitet, ist fast irritiert, wie lange Händler ihre Kunden in Ruhe die Ware begutachten lassen, bevor sie sie sich um sie kümmern.

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