Women face a lot of inequalties in Iran. Compared to the Persian Gulf states women in Iran are still far better off. Even though the government imposes limitations on women, the Iranian society is much more open.

While in Saudi Arabia women are not even allowed to drive, this is not a problem at all in Iran. In fact there are even women racing drivers:



Women are highly educated. In fact they outperform men in university entrance exams,


and build the majority of Iran’s students. Women also take part in science competitions around the world and demonstrate their skills


and even become international chess grand masters:


Besides that sunni women are far better off in shiite Iran than in radical sunni Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and almost all other sunni countries:

Check more news about iranian women here:


other news about iranian originated women are available here:


Let us not forget that in some of Iran’s neighbour countries women are not even allowed to visit schools.

Still there is much more potential and a huge room for improvement regarding the situation of women in Iran.

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