Autumn snow in northern and central Iran (Photos)

Sources: IRNA 1, IRNA 2, ISNA 1, ISNA 2, ISNA 3, ISNA 4, Mehr News Agency (MNA 1), MNA 2, MNA 3, MNA 4, MNA 5, MNA 6, Tasnim News Agency (TNA) 1, TNA 2, TNA 3, TNA 4, TNA 5, Young Journalists Club

2 thoughts on “Autumn snow in northern and central Iran (Photos)

  1. Gordon Barlow

    The photos bring back happy memories! In December 1964 a girl-friend and I hitched from Esfahan to Shiraz, and stopped off to look around Persepolis. (This was in the days of the Shah, but before he had tarted the place up for his big party.) It began snowing as we walked around, so we have to run for the road and flag down a truck going south.
    We loved every minute of our three weeks in Iran, and have warm memories of the kindnesses we received there.

    1. socialinform Post author

      Very happy to read this. BTW I just posted some interesting photos of Persepolis during this years supermoons. Soon I will also cover (a bit belated 😉 ) this years Christmas celebrations in Iran.


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