Haft Negah art exhibition, held in Tehran, closes tomorrow (Nov 28)

The Niavaran Culture Center in Tehran is hosting the 7th annual edition of Iran’s Seven Views (Haft Negah), an art expo coordinated since 2006 by seven major art galleries.

This year, fourteen galleries  take part in the expo. The Aria, Elaheh, Dey, Golestan, Haft Samar, Valli, Mah-e Mehr, The Aran, Etemad, Hanna, Dastaan Basement, Seen, Seyhun, and Tarrahan-e Azad galleries will all participate in this years celebrations taking place from November 14 to 28.

The exhibition will showcase paintings, sculptures, and calligraphy from 350 artists featuring 400 works that respond to this year’s exhibition motto, “Every Iranian Home, One Artwork”.

Some of the well-known artists showcasing their artworks this year include Sohrab Sepehri, Mohammad Ehsaii, Aidin Aghdashlu, Parviz Tanavoli, Iran Darrudi, Farideh Lashaii and Parvaneh Etemadi.

Make sure not to miss this one of a kind artistic event!

Sources: Tara Gallery, Mehr News Agency

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