Iranian Director Amin Rahbar receives the “Climate Clips Award” at the 2014 International Film School Fest Munich

Rahbar, Amin - Iranian Film Director, Azad University of Central Tehran - Scale (Tarazoo)Amin Rahbar’s animation Scale scooped the prestigious Climate Clips Award at the 2014 International Festival of Munich Film Schools, running from November 16-22 in Germany. […]

“Some 42 films from 22 countries took part in this festival, and my production with an environmental theme was selected among the top three and ultimately managed to win the best film award” said Amin Rahbar to Mehr News.

“Scale is 2-minute long and produced with cutout animation technique. In this technique, flat characters and backgrounds are cut from materials such as paper, or if on a computer, with scanned images” explained Rahbar.

Climate-Clips-Jury (Brigitte Bruns, Veronika Nagelschneider and Beatrice Scola): Amin Rahbar’s enchanting animated film SCALE (in Farsi TARAZOO), shows us the dramatic changes industrialization has wrought upon our planet. Our transformation from an agricultural society to today’s skyscraper-studded megacities is brought to life by the sophisticated and original use of an old and relatively simple technique: paper cutouts. In just one and a half minutes, the clip illustrates how drastically our environment has changed, the severe damage that has been done to it and the current consequences such as climate change. The jury congratulates Amin Rahbar on the successful artistic and technical realization of his film.

Winner: Scale | Tarazoo
The story of human life from the beginning to the beginning…
by Amin Rahbar from Azad University of Central Tehran, Iran

Scale has been previously featured and awarded in other international festivals including Hamburg Festival in Germany, con i minuti contati Festival in Italy, and SHNIT Festival in Switzerland. It has also won the Best Film Award at Iran’s Short Film Festival for Children.

The International Festival of Film Schools established in 1981 is now one of the most important festivals for young filmmakers in the world. About 60 films are presented at the festival annually, and each year approximately 100 foreign students and professors have the opportunity to meet, enter into discussions and share their experiences with each other.

Sources: Film School Fest Munich, Mehr News Agency

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