‘Haft Negah’: Selection of works by Iranian artists displayed at Niavaran Cultural Center in Tehran (Photos)

The Niavaran Culture Center in Tehran hosted the 8th annual edition of Iran’s Seven Views (Haft Negah), an art expo coordinated since 2006 by seven major art galleries. A selection of paintings, sculptures and calligraphy works by about 400 contemporary Iranian artists were displayed during exhibition.

“Works by the giants of Iranian visual arts including Sohrab Sepehri, Mohammad Ehsai, Sedaqat Jabbari, Yadollah Kaboli, Ebrahim Haqiqi and Farah Osuli will be offered at reasonable prices,” said Lili Golestan, Secretary of Seven Views. According to Golestan, people’s trust in the galleries is one reason behind the success of Seven Views, while the reasonable prices also help.

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Source: Tehran Times, Honar Online

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