Photo gallery: Azeri singer Alim Qasimov performs in Iran with Tehran’s Wind Orchestra

Renowned Azerbaijani musician and singer, Alim Qasimov, gave a concert in the Iranian capital in a joint performance with Tehran Wind Orchestra.

Alim Hamza oglu Qasimov (born August 14, 1957) is an Azerbaijani musician and one of the foremost mugham singers in Azerbaijan. He was awarded the International Music Council-UNESCO Music Prize in 1999, one of the highest international accolades for music. His music is characterized by his vocal improvisation and represents a move away from the traditional style of mugham. Qasimov has recorded nine albums, three of which are mugham albums with his daughter, Farghana Qasimova.

Sources: Tasnim News | Photos, Wikipedia | Alim Qasimov

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