Shafajoo a successful Iranian startup for digital healthcare services


Shafajoo (meaning In Search of Healing in Persian) is an Iranian digital healthcare service that helps you find a nearby doctor and instantly book an appointment. They have many other services including podcasts and discussion forums. The target users are not just about the patients: it also includes physicians. Doctors, for instance, will have a user profile including their biographies and resumes. I think the most interesting part of this product is that you are able to ask doctors questions, questions that they will answer, thus preventing unnecessary visits to their offices. While there are few agile teams in Iran, this team uses the power of agile methodology in software development. They are also writing many articles related to healthcare.

Shafajoo has been launched at MAPS(An Iranian Accelerator) and It is a product of SatraTech Company. It has now almost 100,000 visits per month and 4000 active users. They are working on regional markets especially the Middle East, and plan to have English and Arabic versions of Shafajoo.

Source: – Shafajoo wants to be your healing angel

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