Iran’s Khuzestan Province: Ahvaz – About bridges and a rainbow colored waterfall (Photos)

Ahvaz is a city in the south of Iran with a population of 1,400,000 (2006). Ahvaz is built on the banks of the Karun River and is situated in the middle of Khuzestan Province. The city has an average elevation of 20 meters above sea level.

The Karun is Iran’s most effluent and only navigable river. It is 720 km long. It rises in the Zard Kuh mountains of the Bakhtiari district in the Zagros Range, receiving many tributaries, such as the Dez and the Kuhrang, before passing through the capital of the Khuzestan Province of Iran, the city of Ahvaz.

The river divides the city in two; east and west and with its many bridges connecting both sides of the city over the Karun, Ahvaz is called “The city of Bridges”:
1st) Black Bridge or Railway Bridge (Pol-e Siah): Built in 1919. It is 1050m long and 6.00m wide.
2nd) White Bridge (Pol-e Sefid): Built in 1936, it was the first suspended bridge of Iran.
3rd) Third Bridge: Finished in 1970, it is 496m long and 14.50m wide.
4th) Fourth Bridge or Salman Farsi Bridge: Built in 1975. It is 576m long and 16,70m wide.
5th) Fifth Bridge: It was inaugurated in 1996. It is 480m long and 30,70m wide.
6th) Sixth Bridge or Steel Bridge (Sana-ye Foolad): The bridge was completed in 2007. Its lenght is 740m and its width 30.40.
7th) Seventh Bridge: Finished in 1998. There is an artificial waterfall on this bridge to enjoy on weekends and special days.
8th) Eighth Bridge or Cable Bridge: Inaugurated in 2012 as the biggest cable bridge in the Middle East, it is 1,014m long and 22m wide.

Alongside the seventh bridge, on weekends and special days, there is a beautiful artificial waterfall. It combines water eruption and light games on both sides of the bridge. The waterfall is from one side 150m long, from the other side 200m and has a a height of 35 meters.

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