Iranian painter Abolghassem Saidi opens first solo exhibition in Iran

The newly-founded Tehran gallery “Shahrivar” is currently hosting an exhibition of 30 artworks by Abolghassem Saidi. The exhibition showcases 26 paintings which belong to his personal collection and the other four which are owned by private collectors.

On view since June 12, Abolghassem Saidi’s first solo exhibition in Iran, will run for one month at “Shahrivar” gallery: No. 9, Hormoz impasse, North Khazar Street, Elahieh, Tehran.

About Abolghassem Saidi
Abolghassem Saidi (August 15th, 1926 in Arak, Iran) graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Paris (École des Beaux-Arts de Paris) in 1956, where he still lives and works. He exhibited at the Salon de la jeune peinture (1954-66). Then, he worked in Iran for the Festival of Shiraz and after travelled to the United States. Awarded with the prize of the Salon of the Jeune Peinture (1959), the prize of the Biennale of Tehran (1960, 1986) and the prize of Monte-Carlo (1993). The largest concentration of his works can now be seen in the Contemporary Museum of London, at University of Shiraz, at the airport of Tehran and at the Saderat Bank of London.

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