Photos: Masoudieh Palace in Tehran, Iran

Masoudieh Palace (Emarat-e Masoudieh) is a beautiful historical house from Qajar dynasty in old Tehran near Baharestan Square, comprised of a palace and surrounding houses.

It was built in 1879 for the prince Mass’oud Mirza (Zell-e Soltan) – the son of Nasseredin Shah and the governor of Isfahan – as his residence in the Capital. Spanning over an area of 5 hectares, the mansion was constructed in the middle of a garden.

The Masoudieh Mansion has been home to many events that changed the history of the country. It was fusilladed after an unsuccessful assassination of the Mohammadali Shah and was also one of the main gathering centers during the Persian Constitutional Revolution.

Besides its political importance, the mansion has served the country culturally. The first steps to form the National Library of Iran and also the National Museum of Iran were taken there. The first independent ministry of education of the country was also formed at the Masoudieh Mansion.

Sources: Iran Review | Enjoyable Moments in Tehran with a Cup of History, (DIPA) | Masoudieh Palace, DIPA | Masoudieh Palace

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