Photos compilation: A gallery as big as Tehran

In a project, called ‘A Gallery As Big As a Town’, aiming to encourage people to visit museums, the city’s billboard ads were home for artworks by renowned local and foreign artists for 10 days, turning the Iranian capital into a giant urban art gallery.

There were more than 1,500 billboards dotted across the capital’s streets, displaying a total of 700 works that also included reproductions of traditional Persian miniatures, carpets, calligraphy and various other art pieces.

Iranian artworks were selected from different periods of Islamic and pre-Islamic arts including potteries, glassware, etc. and contemporary and modern period which displayed works by Kamal-ol-Molk and his students.

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Sources: Mehr News Agency | News, Tehran Picture Agency 1, Tehran Picture Agency 2, Mehr News Agency | Photos, Tasnim News Agency | Photos 1, Tasnim News Agency | Photos 2

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