Iran’s impressive trackrecord in RoboCup

Iran's Medals in International RoboCup Competitions

Iran’s Medals in International RoboCup Competitions

Sources: RoboCup 2010, RoboCup 2011, RoboCup 2012

The first gold medal in RoboCup that I can remember of goes back to 1999. Unfortunately I only have german sources for that:,

About RoboCup
RoboCup is an annual international robotics competition founded in 1997. The aim is to promote robotics and AI research, by offering a publicly appealing, but formidable challenge. The name RoboCup is a contraction of the competition’s full name, “Robot Soccer World Cup”, but there are many other stages of the competition such as “RoboCupRescue”, “RoboCup@Home” and “RoboCupJunior”. (Source: Wikipedia | RoboCup)

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