Iran’s Environment Chief, the first woman to receive the Energy Globe Foundation award

Iran’s Vice President and Head of the Department of Environment Masoumeh Ebtekar has won the Energy Globe Foundation award for her long-term efforts in the field of environment protection.

Wolfgang Neumann, the Austrian founder of the Energy Globe Foundation, took a trip to Iran to present the prize to Ebtekar, who is the first women ever receiving the award.

Some more info about Masoumeh Ebtekar from Wikipedia:
Ebtekar was born in Tehran as Niloufar Ebtekar in a middle-class family. Her first name translates to “Innocent Water Lily” in English. Ebtekar’s father studied at the University of Pennsylvania, and she lived with her parents in Upper Darby of Philadelphia. During her six years in Philadelphia, she developed “near-perfect, American-accented English.”


Ebtekar has served as faculty member at Tarbiat Modares University, which is a post graduate academic center located in Tehran. As an Associate Professor in Immunology, she has taught, supervised and advised PhD and MSc students. Ebtekar currently teaches cytokines, viral immunology, HIV vaccines, aging, immunology of the nervous system and psychoneuroimmunology. She has currently filed 41 ISI scientific articles in the field of immunology in her name. In her speech to the Eleventh International Congress of Immunology in Tehran, she mentioned the detrimental effect of sanctions on the advancement of science in Iran and noted that sanctions should not be directed against nations. Ebtekar is a member of several research board committees and a reviewer for two international and four national immunology journals.

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Check the photos here: Payvand Iran News

3 thoughts on “Iran’s Environment Chief, the first woman to receive the Energy Globe Foundation award

  1. socialinform Post author

    Now reading this post, I have some questions:
    In which of Iran’s neighbour countries it is possible for a woman to get such a high post?
    In which of them a woman can get an education, and which one of those countries cares about environment at all?
    The situation of women in Iran has to change alot to reach western standards, but then what about the rest of the region? Just check out this blog, how many international awards Iranian women receive (the tag cloud is your friend) and try to find out how much richer and less isolated countries in the region perform.

    Or just take a look at the picture and try to imagine a woman talking to such a big audience, in any of those fancy, and “modern” oil rich countries near by.

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