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The directors of Iran’s most popular movies of the year are all women

“The City of Mice 2”, “Ceasefire 2”, and “Track 143”, three movies produced by Iranian women directors, were on top of the list of Iran’s most popular films of the year. The list was announced during a ceremony held by the Cinema Organization of Iran at Tehran’s Eivan-e Shams Hall on Monday to honor the directors of the movies.

Marzieh Boroumand’s “The City of Mice 2”, a puppet show movie in the children genre, stands high on the top of the chart. A sequel to her 1984 hit “The City of Mice”, the movie was warmly received by children, it also drew a large number of adult cinemagoers as well.

“Ceasefire 2” by Tahmineh Milani was the second movie on the list. “Ceasefire 2” is about the encounter of a young educated couple with their former family counselor after some years, during which the couple reviews their lives and some of the dramatic events that happened over the past years.

Narges Abyar’s acclaimed drama “Track 143” took the third place. The film, which was widely acclaimed at the 32nd Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran earlier in February 2013, is about the great maternal sacrifice during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

About Tahmineh Milani
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About Marzieh Boroumand
Marzieh Boroumand is an Iranian actress, puppeteer, screenwriter and director of TV series and films. She is best known for Alo!Alo! Man joojoo-am (1994), Barbershop Ziba (1989) and City of Mice (1985). She began her career in cinema by playing in The Cycle directed by Dariush Mehrjui.

About Narges Abyar
Born in Tehran. Narges Abyar studied in Persian Literature and received her B.A. in this field. So far she has devoted most of her time to writing, which had led to the publication of 30 story and fiction books for children, young adults and also the adults. She has made several short and feature-length documentaries: -Kind Dead-End (fiction-15min-2006), – One day after the 10th day(documentary-25min-2007)

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Tahmineh Milani highly awarded Iranian female film director, screenwriter, and producer

Milani, Tahmineh - Iranian film directorTahmineh Milani is an Iranian film director, screenwriter, and producer.

Milani was born 1960 in Tabriz, Iran. After graduating in architecture from the University of Science and Technology in Tehran in 1986, she apprenticed as a script girl and an assistant director following a screen workshop in 1979. She started her career as a movie director with Children of Divorce in 1989.

Feminist filmmaker Milani is known for touching controversial and sensitive issues, including women’s rights.

Among her most notable films are Children of Divorce, Two women, The Hidden Half, The Fifth Reaction, The Unwanted Woman and Cease Fire.

Filmography (as a director)
– 1989: Bach’che’ha-ye Talagh (Children of Divorce)
– 1991: Afsaneh-ye Ah (The Legend of Sigh)
– 1992: Digeh che khabar? (What Else Is New?)
– 1996: Kakadu
– 1999: Do Zan (Two Women)
– 2001: Nimeh-ye Penhan (The Hidden Half)
– 2003: Vakonesh Panjom (The Fifth Reaction)
– 2005: Zan-e Ziadi (The Unwanted Woman)
– 2006: Atash Bas (Cease Fire)
– 2007: Tasvie Hesab (Settling Scores)
– 2008: Superstar
– 2011: Yeki Az Ma Do Nafar (One of Our Two)
– 2014: Atash Bas 2 (Cease Fire 2)

Awards and honors
– 2006: Best director, Best film and Best screenplay at the 51st Asia Pacific Film Festival for The Unwanted Woman
– 2005: Best film Los Angeles Film Festival for The Unwanted Woman
– 2003: Grand Prix ‘Cinéma Tout Ecran’, Geneva Cinéma Tout Ecran for The Fifth Reaction
– 2003: Best Screenplay at the 27th Cairo International Film Festival for The Fifth Reaction
– 2001: Best Artistic Contribution at the 25th Cairo International Film Festival for the The Hidden Half
– 1999: Award for best screenplay at Iran’s Fajr International Film Festival for Two Women

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