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Reza Attaran: Awarded Iranian actor, director, screenwriter and singer

Reza Attaran (born 1968 in Mashhad) is an Iranian actor, director, screenwriter and singer. He won in 2008 the Best Actor Award at the Gol Agha Comedy Festival and is regarded as one of the most creative and prolific Iranian comedy actors.

He graduated from high school in Mashhad majoring in Economy and moved to Tehran to study Industrial Design at the University of Tehran. Despite enjoying his field of study he turned to acting. In 1980s he started playing theatre under Hassan Hamed, portraying non comic roles until 1992 when Hamed passed away.

Attaran made his television debut playing his first comedy role as Reza back in 1994 in the TV Series Happy Hour (Saate Khosh) directed by Mehran Modiri alongside actors like Reza Shafii Jam, Nasrollah Radesh, Arzhang Amirfazli and Nader Soleimani.

In 1994 he married Farideh Faramarzi, a film editor and actress. She played with her husband in the movie Absolute Rest (Esterahate Motlagh) directed by Abdolreza Kahani.

Between 1997 and 2003 he started directing his own TV series where he achieved great recognition and fame for his singing skills. At that time he formed a music band called Dampaei (Slippers) together with Youssef Teimouri and other artists. Since then he has become the most successful comedy series maker in Iranian TV.

Attaran made his debut as a film director in 2011 with I feel sleepy (Khabam Miad). In 2013 he directed and acted in Red Carpet (Farshe Ghermez); Attaran’s sarcastic take on film festivals, fame and stars.

He was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 30th, 31st and 32nd Fajr International Film Festival: In 2012 for I feel sleepy (Khabam Miad), in 2013 for The Corridor (Dehliz) and in 2014 for Sensitive floor (Tabagheye Hasas).

TV shows
Happy Hour (Saate Khosh, as Reza, comedy, 1995-96)
Acacia Alley (as Faramaz, director: Reza Attaran, comedy, 2002-03)
Vagabond (as Ahmad, director: Reza Attaran, comedy, 2004)
The Accused Fled (as Ramin, director: Reza Attaran, comedy, 2005)
Shirin-va-Torsh (as Naser, director: Reza Attaran, comedy, 2007)
Turning Point (as Nader, director: Reza Attaran, comedy, 2008)
Ghalbe Yakhi (as Esfandiar, crime/drama, 2012)

– 2015: Sperm whale (shooting, as Arjang, director: Saman Moghadam)
– 2015: Absolute Rest (Esterahate Motlagh, as Davoud, director: Abdolreza Kahani)
– 2014: Bar Bad Rafteh (Director: Reza Attaran)
– 2013: The Corridor (Dehliz, as Behzad, Director: Behrouz Shoaibi)
– 2013: Red Carpet (Farshe Ghermez, director: Reza Attaran)
– 2013: Sensitive Floor (Tabagheye Hasas, as Kamali, director: Kamal Tabrizi)
– 2013: Kalashnikov (Director: Kamal Tabrizi)
– 2012: By no reason (Bikhod & Bijahat, director: Abdolreza Kahani)
– 2011: I feel sleepy (Khabam Miad, as Reza, Director: Reza Attaran)
– 2010: Whatever God Wants (Harchi Khoda Bekhad, director: Navid Mihandoost)
– 2010: No men allowed (Voroode Aghayan Mamnoo, as Vahid Jebelli, director: Rambod Javan)
– 2010: Absolutely tame is a horse (Asb Heivane Najibi Ast, as Behruz Shakiba, director: Abdolreza Kahani)
– 2009: Az Ma Behtaroon (Director: Mehrdad Farid)
– 2009: Nish O Zanboor (Director: HR Slahmnd)
– 2009: Khoros Jangi (Director: Masood Atyabi)
– 2009: Bad Az Zohre Saghie Saghi
– 2008: Aghaye Haft Rang (Director: Shahram Shah-Hosseini)
– 2008: Empty chair (Sandali Khalli, director: Saman Astrky)
– 2007: Token (Neshani, director: Fereydoun Hassanpour)
– 2007: Tasvie Hesab (Director: Tamineh Milani)
– 2007: Tofighe Ejbari (as Ata, director: Mohammad Hossein Latifi)
– 2007: Quarantine (Gharantineh, director: Manouchehr Hadi)
– 2006: A hat for the rain Kolahi Baraye Baran (Director: Masood Navabi)
– 2006: Tigh Zan (Director: Alireza Davoodinejad)
– 2005: Havoo (Director: Alireza Davoudinejad)
– 2002: Kolah Ghermezi Va Sarvenaz (Director: Iraj Tahmasb)
– 2000: Cinderella (Director: Bijan Birang)
– 1997: Sarzamine Sabz (Director: Bijan Birang)

Best Actor Award at the 2008 Gol Agha Comedy Festival
Crystal Simorgh for Best Director in the New Vision section at the 30th International Fajr Film Festival for I feel sleepy (Khabam Miad), 2012
Statuette for Best Actor at the 15th House of Cinema Awards for Absolutely tame is a horse (Asb Heivane Najibi Ast)
Statuette of Golden Smile for Best Comedy Actor in the 2nd Sun’s Smile Awards for both Absolutely tame is a horse (Asb Heivane Najibi Ast) & No men allowed (Voroode Aghayan Mamnoo)
Diploma of Honor for Best Actor at the 6th Critics & Writers Guild’s Awards for By no reason (Bikhod & Bijahat), 2012

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Photo gallery: Fajr Film Festival in Iran

The Fajr International Film Festival or Fajr Film Festival is Iran’s annual film festival, held every February in Tehran, Iran. It takes place every year on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution. There were 90 feature films submitted for the 29th edition of the festival in 2011.

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Ali Mosaffa: Awarded Iranian actor and director

Ali Mosaffa (born December 1, 1966 in Tehran) is an Iranian actor and director. His parents are professors for Persian literature at the University of Tehran. His father, Mozaher Mosaffa, is a renowned Persian poet and his mother, Amir Banoo Karimi is the eldest daughter of the Persian poet, Amiri Firuzkuhi.

He is a graduate of Civil Engineering from the University of Tehran where he showed an interest in acting. His acting film debut was 1991 in Omid. In the following year he won the Best Actor Award at the 10th Fajr International Film Festival for his role in Darius Mehrjui’s film, Pari. On the set of Leila, Mehrjui’s 1996 film, met Mosaffa his future wife, Iranian actress Leila Hatami.

He directed his first short film, Incubus, in 1991. Neighbors (Hamsaye-ha) in 1999 was chosen Best Experimental Film at the Iranian Short Film Fest. His first feature film, Portrait of a lady far away (Sima-ye zani dar doordast) starring Leila Hatami and Homayoun Ershadi, in 2005. The film was shortlisted for the Sutherland Trophy at the London Film Festival.

Portrait of a lady far away subsequently won the People’s Choice Award at the Chicago International Film Festival and was nominated for the Crystal Globe at the 2005 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

In 2012 was the international premiere of his second film, The last step (Pele-ye akhar) starring Leila Hatami, at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where Leila Hatami received the Best Actress Award and Ali Mosaffa the FIPRESCI Prize.

In October 2012, Mosaffa joined Oscar winning director of A Separation, Asghar Farhadi in Paris; starring alongside Bérénice Bejo and Tahar Rahim for Farhadi’s first foreign language film The Past (Le Passé) which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2013.

Filmography (as an actor)
– 2014: What’s the time in your world? (Dar donya-ye to saát chand ast?) by Safi Yazdanian
– 2013: The past (Le passé) by Asghar Farhadi
– 2012: The last step (Pele-ye akhar) by Ali Mosaffa
– 2011: Beloved sky (Aseman-e mahboob) by Dariush Mehrjui
– 2010: There are things you don’t know (Chizhaie hast ke nemidani) by Fardin Saheb-Zamani
– 2006: Who killed Amir? (Che kasi Amir ra kosh?) by Mehdi Karampoor
– 2003: Another place (Jayi digar) by Mehdi Karampoor
– 2001: Mix by Dariush Mehrjui
– 2000: Dear Cousin is Lost (Segment in Tales of an Island by Dariush Mehrjui)
– 2000: Party by Saman Moghadam
– 1999: Lost Girls
– 1998: Leila by Dariush Mehrjui
– 1996: Minou Tower (Borje Minou) by Ebrahim Hatamikia
– 1994: Pari by Dariush Mehrjui
– 1992: All My Daughters by Esmail Soltanian
– 1991: Omid by Habib Kavosh

Filmography (as a director)
– 2012: The last step (Pele-ye akhar)
– 2005: Portrait of a lady far away (Sima-ye zani dar doordast)
– 1996: The deceit of poesy (Farib-e-she’r), a documentary short film
– 1999: Neighbors (Hamsaye-ha), short film
– 1991: Incubus, short film

Television Series
– 2000: The English Bag (Keef-e Eenglisi)
– 2007: Paridokht

– Best Supporting Actor Award at the 13th Fajr International Film Festival for Pari in 1995
– People’s Choice Award for “Portrait of a Lady Far Away”, from Chicago International Film Festival, 2005
– Crystal Simorgh (Phoenix) for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 30th Fajr International Film Festival in 2012 for The last step (Pele-ye akhar)
– FIPRESCI at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for The last step (Pele-ye akhar) in 2012
– Best Adapted Screenplay at the 16th Iranian House of Cinema Film Festival for The last step (Pele-ye akhar) in 2014

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