Isfahan Music Museum (Photos)

The Music Museum in Isfahan is a private museum opened thanks to the efforts of two masters in traditional Iranian music. The museum is divided in different sectors: national and local instruments, photgraphs, a teaching music hall and a rehearsal hall.

Listen to traditional Iranian music here: The other Iran | Music

Sources: Mehr News Agency, (in Persian)

5 thoughts on “Isfahan Music Museum (Photos)

    1. socialinform Post author

      Thank you very much, I am happy that you like my blog. The last days were good days for Iran. The reformers are getting more and more backing. Since the 2009 demonstrations the Iranian public has worked constantly and in a peaceful way towards modernization and change. Independent from that I can recommend a visit, besides travel related posts that I have on this blog, I discovered an interesting Facebook group recently where people who have visited Iran can exchange experiences:
      Everyone can post there so of course the quality of the posts is not always guaranteed but it may be worth to take a look if you want to get more information from other visitors.

      1. efpolitics

        Thank you for the link – it will be a while before I could likely consider visiting; but it’s a spark that’s been lit, so to speak.
        And yes, I was very enthused when I read about the reformist victory. I hope it’s a trend to last!

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