‘Quantum Soup’ by Iranian artist Mohamadreza Ahmadi Monfared at Mohsen Gallery in Tehran

Mohsen Gallery hosted ‘Quantum Soup’ a solo painting and drawings exhibition by M. Ahmadi Monfared.

“Quantum Soup, is an informal expression for the linking of all matter and energy in the universe, and Demiurge, in Platonic philosophy is not exactly the Creator but a figure who constructs the world especially by using triangles. These two entitle my last two series of paintings and drawings of recent years and in this exhibition.” — Mohamadreza Ahmadi Monfared, Fall 2015

Born in 1983 in Iran, Ahmadi Monfared lives and works as a painter and art teacher in Tehran. After graduating in 2007 with a M.A. in Painting at Tehran University of Art, he has held numerous group and solo exhibitions in Iran. More information: ahmadimonfared.com

Sources: Honar Online, Facebook | M Ahmadi Monfaredsaatchiart.com | M. Ahmadi Monfared

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