Photo Series: Autumn in Iran – Gilan Province

Gilan Province lies along the Caspian Sea, bordering the Republic of Azerbaijan in the north, as well as Russia across the Caspian Sea. The climate is humid subtropical with the heaviest rainfall in Iran. Rasht, the capital of the province, is known within Iran as the “City of Rain”.

Large parts of the province are mountainous, green and forested. The coastal plain along the Caspian Sea is similar to that of Mazandaran, mainly used for rice paddies.

In May 1990 large parts of the province were destroyed by a huge earthquake, in which about 45,000 people died. Abbas Kiarostami made his films Life, and Nothing More… and Through the Olive Trees based upon this event.

Enjoy Gilan’s beauty in autumn:

Source: Mehr News Agency, Wikipedia | Gilan Province

4 thoughts on “Photo Series: Autumn in Iran – Gilan Province

      1. socialinform Post author

        I just posts some autumn photo series from a village in the Qazvin province north of Tehran. A photo series posts about Isfahan is in the queue, but if you are interested in all kinds of photo posts related to Iran browse through these posts: you have there nature, architecture, people (participating in all kinds of events). I hope you enjoy the posts.

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