Iranian winners at ‘Graines d’artistes du monde entier 2015: Face or Mask’, a children and young adults competition in France

Eighteen Iranian children have received awards or honorable mentions for their art work submitted to the international visual art competition held by the Centre pour L’UNESCO Louis Francois based in Troyes, France.

Every year the organization launches an international visual arts competition for children and young adults. This year, the Centre pour L’UNESCO Louis Francois received 5000 submissions from 53 countries.

Bahar Raznahan (1st place), Hediyeh Hasri (7th place), Sara Esmaeilinia (8th place) in the 10-13 age group and Pantea Nemati (12th place) in the 14-17 age group received awards.

Shakiba Bourki, Pouyan Pireh, Nazafarin Akia, Mardin Fathi, Sajjad Mohseni, Rastin Tajik, Parham and Pouya Javidan, Samin Abbasi, Zahra Hemmati, Amir Abbas Parast, Aynaz Shadmanesh, Soheil Kargar, Kiarash Samimi, Fatemeh Abiri and Mohammad-Mehdi Khoshhal received honorable mentions. The drawings were collected and submitted by the Iranian Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.

Sources: Facebook | Centre pour l’UNESCO Louis François, Tavoos Online

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