Iran’s South Khorasan Province: Akbarieh Garden and Mansion, Birjand (Photos)

Akbariyeh Garden is Located in Birjand, North-east of Iran and is one of the most beautiful Persian gardens. This historical garden lying in the mountainous bed, consists of two mansions.

Construction of the older building in the easternmost of the garden dates back to the late Zandiyeh and early Qajar era. But the central building, on the western front, is almost as the core counts of the garden. It is beautifully decorated and was used for ceremonies.

The mansions display inlaid decorations, netted and sash windows with colored glasses, and geometrical plaster designs. The Russian-Iranian design displays tall trees, pavilion, and extremely beautiful sash decorating with mirrors and tile.

The Akbariyeh Garden’s mulberry trees, pomegranates and flowers are making beautiful sights.
Although the garden is situated in remote parts of the country, it is one of the Persian gardens that worth visiting in a trip to Iran.

Today, the mansion is used as a library, museums of archaeology, anthropology and wildlife and a traditional Persian tea house.

Akbariyeh Garden is among the 9 Iranian Gardens which are collectively registered as one of the Iran’s 17 registered World Heritage Sites under the name of the Persian Garden.

Akbariyeh Garden is also known as the Akbarieh Garden and Edifice, or Akbarieh Garden and Complex. In Persian it reads as “باغ اکبریه” (from right to left) and pronounced as “baqe akbariyeh”.

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Sources:, Dream of Iran

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