Photos: International Equestrian Tournament for teenage jockeys in Tehran, Iran

Thirty eight jockeys competed in the 1st International Equestrian Tournament for Juniors (jockeys aged between 14 and 18) organized by the Equestrian Federation of Iran.

The tournament took place near Chitgar Park at Azadi Equestrian Complex, Tehran. Embassadors from Belgium, Belarus, Spain and Turkmenistan visited the event. The first place went to Sobhan Youssefi riding Fouravar, Arshia Tassafi riding Butterfly took the second place and Amir Azsalan Tambakoukar riding Jalisco the third.

In another competition, Salar Golestanian riding Anora won the first place, Mehrdad Ameri riding Karbeh the second and Sobhan Yousefi riding Fouravar the third place.

Sources: International Equestrian Federation | Calendar , IRNA | Photos, Equestrian Federation of Iran | News

3 thoughts on “Photos: International Equestrian Tournament for teenage jockeys in Tehran, Iran

    1. socialinform Post author

      I am happy that you like the blog. Yes I just want to show that the people in Iran are not so much different. They are interested in arts, sports, music, cinema, …
      This should be interesting for non Iranians who might have wild ideas about Iranians based on one sided news, and also Iranian expatriates who sometimes tend to not understand that people in Iran do the best out of their daily life, and are not constantly whining and complaining about life, but often manage to be positive and productive despite difficulties they have.

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