Winners of 9th National Biennial of Persian Painting announced

TEHRAN – Winners of the ninth edition of the National Biennial of Persian Painting were announced during a ceremony at the Iranian Academy of Arts in Tehran on Saturday.

Photo by Sharareh Samei, Honaronline

The participants competed in the five categories of illumination, tash’ir, a form of simple illumination decorated with tiny disordered patterns, gol-o-morgh, a unique style of Persian painting featuring bird and floral motifs in different colors, drawing and Persian painting.

Nasrin Aqamiri won the first prize for her artwork in the category of illumination, the second prize went to Maryam Labani Motlaq and the third was given to Farid Honarvar.

In the tash’ir category, the first prize was given to Sara Aqamiri, the second to Alireza Esmaeilpur and the third to Arezoo Hosseini.

A winner leaves the stage after receiving her award at the closing ceremony of the 9th Iranian National Biennial of Persian Painting in Tehran on January 3, 2015. Organizers and some members of the jury are also seen in the photo. (Source: Honaronline/Sharareh Samei)

Abbas Shahsavari, Bahman Sharifi and Amir Farid were the three winners of the drawing category respectively.

The first prize of gol-o-morgh was given to Mohammadreza Aqamiri, the second to Majid Fattahi and the third prize was shared by Ataollah Shakeri and Rana Sharilu.

Winners of the Persian painting category were Hadi Faqihi, Mostafa Sharafi and Mehdi Mazlumzadeh.

The awards were presented to the winners by Deputy Culture Minister for Artistic Affairs Ali Moradkhani and Director of the Center for Visual Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Majid Mollanoruzi.

In addition, a valuable book containing works by the participants as well as works by masters and veterans was unveiled during the ceremony.

Moreover, the young physically-challenged artist Rahim Azimi who paints with his feet was honored at the ceremony.

The exhibit ran from December 8 to 31 at Tehran’s Saba Art and Cultural Institute.





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