Iran’s Hormozgan Province: Minab – Harvesting Watermelons for Yalda

Minab is a city in Hormozgan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 76,776. In ancient times Minab had the name of Harmosia (or Harmozeia).

Minab is not far from Bandar Abbas. It is famous for fishing (especially shrimps) and for agriculture (especially date palms and mangoes). It lies on the main official road connecting Bandar Abbas, the Makran and the Baluchistan Province. The population are mainly Shi’a Muslims but there is also a Sunni minority, and the language they speak is Minabi (locally Minow), a dialect which is something between Bandari and Balochi and Persian. Once a week, a well known bazaar called “Panjshambe bazar” or in Minabi language “Peyshambe Bazar” (English: Thursday’s Bazaar) attracts people from all over Hormozgan, and beyond.

Sources: wikipedia | Minab, Mehr News Agency | Photos

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