Vocalist Hengameh Akhavan gives a concert in Tehran on December 26

Iranian vocalist Hengameh Akhavan will give a concert at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on December 26.
Tar player Azadeh Amiri, kamancheh players Shima Bolukifar and Nasim Arbabi, tonbak player Nazanin Pedarsani, and oud player Marjan Ravandi will accompany her during the Performance.

Hengameh Akhavan was born in Fuman, Gilan, Iran in 1955. She started singing at the age of ten. Her father taught her “Avaz-e Dashti” (One of the modes in Iranian modal system of music). She and her brother were part of their school singing group.


After finishing the elementary School she went to Tehran to visit her sister and her sister’s family. During her stay she was encouraged by her sister and her brother-in-law to stay in Tehran to continue her musical training and studies. […] For about ten years (1972-1982) she was the student of Ostad Adib-Khansari.


She started singing for Radio in 1975 collaborating with the Shayda, Aref and Samai Ensembles, recreating the works of Ghamar. In 1984 she was invited to collaborate with the Archive of Iranian national Radio and TV. She has performed many concerts in Iran and Europe.

Now she teaches vocal music. Nasrollah Nasehpoor has declared: “Hengameh Akhavan is one of the best female singers of Iran. She is the Second Ghamar.”


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