Iranian director Bahram Beyzaie to present “Ardaviraf’s Report” at Stanford University

Bahram Beyzaie - Film Director, Screenwriter, Playwright and ResearcherProminent Iranian playwright and director Bahram Beyzaie will stage reading performances of his latest play “Ardaviraf’s Report” at Stanford University on Jan 24 and 25, 2015 at 04:30pm.

The play is Beyzaie’s theatrical rendition of an ancient Zoroastrian text that chronicles the journey of pious Ardaviraf to the other world where he travels through paradise, purgatory and the inferno. Ardaviraf meets many of the mythic and historic figures of Iran on his journey

The play is based on “The Book of Arda Viraf”, a Zoroastrian religious text from the Sassanid era in the Middle Persian language. It is considered an early precursor to Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.

“Ardaviraf’s Report” will be performed at the Cubberley Auditorium of the University in Persian language.

Beyzaie previously performed a shadow play performance of “Jana and Baladoor” at Stanford University in June 2012.

“When We Are All Sleeping” was the last film Beyzaie directed in Iran in 2009. A few years after, he left the country to pursue an educational career at Stanford University as a visiting professor of Persian studies in the United States of America.

Considered as one of the most intellectual auteurs in Iranian cinema, Beyzaie has written and directed several films including “Killing Mad Dogs”, “Travelers”, “Bashu, the Little Stranger”, “The Journey” and “The Downpour”.

Here you can read a more detailed biography of Bahram Beyzaie:

Tehran Times through Payvand Iran News

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