Iran’s Fars Province: Margoon Waterfall

Margoon (Margun) Waterfall (in Farsi: Abshare Margoon) is located in the Fars Province of Iran near the city of Sepidan, in the village Margoon, 48 kilometers far from the city Ardakan.

Its name means in Persian “snake like”. This waterfall is the main attractive of the Abshare Margoon protected area. It falls from the heart of a rocky mountain and has about 70m height and 100m width. It is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Iran. The area is mountainous and has an elevation of over 2.200m above sea level.

The weather is cold between November and April and in winter parts of the waterfall often freezes. Most tourists visit this area in the hot months of the year, when the temperature is 40°C in most of the country but hardly reaches 25°C at Abshare Margoon. Besides visiting the waterfall there are several activities to enjoy in this area: mountain climbing, rock climbing, camping, landscape photography etc.

As Abshare Margoon lies within the Zagros Mountain range, it has diverse flora and fauna. Oak is the main plant of the forests of the area and brown bear, Persian leopard, wolf, fox, wild boar, wild goat and porcupine are some of its fauna.

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