Series: Tehran’s parks and gardens – Javanmardan Garden

Tehran, Iran - Tehran City - Javanmardan Garden 02

Javanmardan Garden – Tehran, Iran

Javanmardan Garden

Javanmardan-e-Iran garden with a total area of 150 hectares is one of the largest gardens located at the northwest area of the capital.

A total area of over 20 hectares is devoted to green space and the complex is powered by solar energy.

There are different special spaces: from a musical fountain with mechanical technologies and laser shows to the house of health and sports or the pond of birds.

The complex has also a 24km walking route, an 8km recreational carriage route and a 8.7km cycling route.

There is a children’s playground, soft games and a Highland Park for children under 14 years old. For youths over 14 years old: a 4600m2 training and professional skate park, a rappel complex , a playground with mechanical games, multifunctional playgrounds, a chess playing site, table tennis and table football playgrounds.

In the botanical garden and all over the garden, the plants and trees have been introduced with special plaques in order to increase the botanical knowledge of the visitors.

The Artists Garden has a traditional tea house and reception pavilion, cultural pavilion and available forestation green spaces.


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