Photo Series: Autumn in Iran – Sabzevar, Razavi Khorasan Province

Sabzevar is a city of 200.000 inhabitants in Razavi Khorasan Province in northeastern Iran. It is the commercial center for an agricultural region producing grapes and raisins. There is some small-scale industry, for food processing, cooperware and electric motors. Through the old bazaar of Sabzevar fresh, dried, and preserved fruits and vegetables are exported.

In ancient times it was called Beihagh (Beyhaq). The history of Sabzevar goes back to the 1st millennium BC. Ancient remains include fire-temple ‘Azar Barzin’ which is still visible. Mil-e Khosrow Gerd (meaning “The brick tower of king Khosrau) is the highest brick tower in the city. This ancient brick tower dates back to 6th century and was part of city that no longer exists. This brick tower served as a travel guide for caravans traveling from Nishapur to Rey. Near Sabzevar are also remainings of yakhchals (ice houses or ice pits).

Sources: Wikipedia | Sabzevar,, Mehr News

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