Series: Female British biker on Iranian roads

This is what she writes on her blog:

In autumn 2013 and spring 2014 I spent two months riding 3000 miles around Iran. Of all my journeys, this is the one that has affected me most profoundly.

The popular image of Iran here in the West is of course, hardly welcoming, and I admit I set off with some trepidation – was it really wise for me to ride a motorcycle alone in this pariah nation of Islamic extremists, with all its gruesome facts and figures surrounding women’s rights, free speech and treatment of political prisoners?

But if I’ve learned anything from my travels it’s that a nation’s government and its people are entirely unconnected (I mean, really, would I want a foreigner to judge me on David Cameron’s actions?!). And as soon as I crossed the border it became apparent that the Iranian people were going to make me fall head over heels in love with their country.  I have never experienced such a warm welcome and effortless kindness and hospitality from a nation.

The Telegraph writes:

“I was run off the road a lot of the time; at first I thought people were trying to mow me down, or Islamists; and it turned out they just wanted to give me bags of pomegranates.”

“You find that you just can’t eat any more food. It’s mad. I had heard Iranian hospitality was legendary, and it really is. There was none of the dour religiosity you usually hear about.”

Other aspects of the country have also given her a taste for more, including the “incredibly beautiful” architecture and mosaics of the mosques, striking modernist buildings such as the Azadi tower in Tehran, and the “unique” desert city of Yadz.

“My bike is still out there with some wonderful people I stayed with in Tehran,” she says. “I’m hoping to go back next year and visit the areas I missed.”

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