Tar virtuoso Jalil Shahnaz

Jalili Shahnaz was born in 1921 in Isfahan, Persia (Iran). Shahnaz studied under the supervision of Abdolhossein Shahnazi and Hossein Shahnaz and befriended ney player Hassan Kassai.[2]

Persian classical vocalist Shajarian named his most recent musical group “Shahnaz” in honor of Masetro Shahnaz.[4]

Jalil Shahnaz died in Tehran on 17 June 2013.


  • “Atr Afshan” (tar solo, accompanied by Mohammad Esmaeili, tombak).
  • “Zaban-e tar” (tar solo, accompanied by Jahangir Malek, tombak).
  • “15 Pieces for Tar & Setar” (transcribed by Houshang Zarif). Soroud Publications, Tehran, 2000.


Here is what Shajarian said about him on his commemoration ceremony

“I am glad to come together here again and to talk with the language of heart,” Shajarian said.

“I have been living with the voice of Shahnaz’s tar for years. When he performs it is as if he tells a story. All the motifs and words of his music are of the same nature and narrate a single subject,” he added.

“Few musicians I have seen are able to perform as illustratively as Shahnaz did. Shahnaz was the god of this job. With his instrument, he pictured everything,” he stated.

Shahnaz died at the age of 92 on June 17, 2013. Shajaran said during his funeral, “The master created love and passion inside me. I owe all my achievements to the voice of his tar. He is the only person who deserves the title of master [of tar playing]. Like Hafez, he is unrepeatable. With all respect to tar players, the book of Iranian tar playing should be closed after the death of Shahnaz.”


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