Book from Female German Iran traveller Helena Henneken – THEY WOULD ROCK

Have you ever stood on the “axis of evil?”
Taken a look around? And met people who live there? This book invites you to do so! A journey, 59 days in Iran. A woman with her backpack, cross-country.
Unexpected experiences, impressions, discoveries

People, who tell “we are terrorists”-jokes – and spontaneously invite foreigners to stay with their families. People who seek an exchange with the world – even though they often disappear behind their country’s image.

“If my people lived in another country, they would rock!” – that’s how a 16-year-old Iranian pictures the situation. Just one of several encounters: Helena Henneken has written a love-rock-song about the people she met in Iran.

A colourful insight into the world behind the scarf. And a book that starts “from the back” – the Persian way around.

they would rock - 59 Tage Iran

More about the book:
Design: Frizzi Kurkhaus
Publishing house: GUDBERG
ISBN: 978-3-943061-36-9

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