German traveler Josh about Iran after Hitchhiking, Couchsurfing through the country

This is what Josh writes about Iran and Iranians on his site:

 What is Iran like?

 Iran is full of terrorists and you will be shot right at the border because George W. Bush said so. BULLSHIT…

 Iran is the most inviting country in the world and its people the nicest I have ever met in my entire life. A Persian person is the perfect human being and makes us Europeans, Americans especially and perhaps Australians look like terrorists. I can vouch for that.

Every day I was invited by strangers to eat with them. They helped wherever they could and hosted me when I was lost in the middle of the night in the streets of Tabriz. Not a single time was I asked for money or anything. Even when I tried to force them to take my money or whatever they wouldn’t, I didn’t stand a chance.

I’m pointing this out because I’m tired of hearing how bad Iran and its people are. They aren’t terrorists, only bad politicans who don’t represent the majority of the Iranian folk. Not in my opinion anyway.

no.8 – What to see in Iran?

 You could spend months or maybe even years in Iran and you wouldn’t get bored. It is full of history and culture. For some people Iran may appear like a big desert but even the countryside has a lot to offer. Tabriz for example in the north, was Iran’s former capital. Not far from there you can find Lake Urmia, the biggest lake in the Middle East and the third largest saltlake in the world. Other attractions of course include Tehran, Iran’s massive capital and one of the largest cities on earth, the Caspian Sea and the former city of Persepolis.
tehran damavand mountains

Travel your way from north to south. Don’t miss out on Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz. Isfahan especially caught my attention and I was stunned by its architecure. In the center of the city you will find the Naqsh-e Jahan square. It was so amazing that I sat there all day long and went for a little time travel back in the days when kings still ruled this amazing country. This square had such an impact on me and I won’t ever forget this special occasion.

generally speaking, you will be surprised how easy it is to hitchhike in Turkey, Iran or Romania.

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