Underground musicans in Iran


In fact, music is becoming one of the most potent avenues for a new generation of newly empowered women, who sense a tide shifting in their opportunities in the country. They are expressing themselves in ways that previous generations could not have imagined since the Islamic Revolution. But the moderate stance of current president Hassan Rouhani has encouraged more artists and musicians to ply their wares, and tourists and travelers are taking notice.

ABC News met a young “underground” singer in Iran this week. She’s one of many young men and women who perform everything from metal and rock to jazz and R&B, including covers of famous American artists. ABC News spoke with Rana Farhan, a well-known Iranian singer based in New York.

What musical genres are most popular among young Iranians?

Iranian young people are like most young people. Their taste ranges from rock to hip-hop and R&B to traditional Iranian music. Although they can’t legally buy it, they find ways to grab songs from the Internet and share them. For instance, my website is blocked in Iran, but if any of my fans send me an email, I will send them my latest mp3s and encourage them to share.

Rest of the interviewcan be read here:


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