Australian travelers Kane and Narelle clear up some misconceptions about Iran

Lastly as a fittingly end this blog we would like to clear up a few western ideologies about Iranians and our travels in Iran:

  • Is Iran safe to travel in? It certainly is and we did not have any issues what so ever. Narelle and I have travelled near and far and it’s rather uncanny that the two most sanctioned places in the world (Iran and North Korea) are the two countries where we have felt the safest and most welcomed. We have consistently felt safer here in Iran than what we have at times in our own city of Canberra.
  • Are Iranians all violent or terrorists? Totally US, Israel and UK (CNN and BBC) driven propaganda. From south to north and east to west we have met nothing but normal peace loving people who want a good life for their family and friends. Just like us!
  • Are all Muslims bad? Are all Christians or Catholics bad…! Yes there are bad apples everywhere but the vast majority of people are just normal people who want to freely practise their religion while detesting violence and war.
  • Do all women wear black chadors with a tiny hole to see through? Hell no…these are govt imposed restrictions on tight clothing and head scarfs but other than that Iranians are extremely fashionable people. Dare I say it but they are actually more fashionable than the majority of Australians.
  • Do the police bother westerners? Absolutely not, unless you are doing the wrong thing. Our bags were searched once and the very kind policeman then apologised and proceeded to say have a wonderful trip in Iran.
  • Do Iranians treat westerners with suspicion? Absolutely not! They are very open, friendly and highly educated people who are naturally intrigued by the world outside of Iran. They loved seeing photos of our family, friends, country and home town. They are very hospitable people and if you are holding a map expect someone to immediately help you.
  • Travelling in Iran as an devout atheist? No issues at all and the people, although intrigued as to my religious beliefs or lack there of, don’t try to convert you. I have had more mormons at my front door try convert me in the last six months.
  • Would I come back to Iran? Absolutely, the first opportunity we get we will be back in this land of endless smiles, handshakes and hellos!

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