Interview with Roxanne Varza, Startup Weekend Birjand Key Speaker

Without any doubt, Roxanne Varza is not unknown for Iranian startup ecosystem. She was previously interviewed by various Iranian newspaper & blog. In addition, lately she has accepted being one of the key speakers of Startup Weekend Birjand in Iran. Here we try to have a glance at Iran startup ecosytem and its drawbacks with her.

Roxanne Varza

Finally, what’s your thoughts and feelings about helping running your first Iranian stratup weekend event so far by being as a speaker?

I am THRILLED ! To be honest, I didn’t even know where Birjand was before I was told about the Startup Weekend event (shameful, I know). Actually, I really want to learn more about the Iranian ecosystem and help the Iranian entrepreneurs however I can. I grew up in the US but always had a very strong affinity for my Iranian origins and I wish I was able to spend more time learning about and discovering Iran. I feel that I finally have that opportunity, thanks to Startup Weekend Birjand and hopefully more events down the line.

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