Salome MC – Iran’s first female rapper

Salome Mc (Persian: سالومه, born 1985), is a female rap artist from Iran.[1]

Being questioned about being a female rapper in Iran, she mentioned in several interviews that she wouldn’t say she faced many chal­lenges just because she was a female. “I might be the first female rap­per to ever step in a stu­dio in Iran, yes, but from peo­ple around me I mostly got courage after they got over the sur­prise. The other chal­lenges that you might guess was there for my male coun­ter­parts too. Of course you get a cer­tain amount of sexist com­ments from lack of com­mon sense or edu­ca­tion, but that is a global prob­lem. “[5]

female iranian rapper

female iranian rapper

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