“Iran-UK Sonics” at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, Friday 13 December 2013

International arts consultancy Six Pillars announces the UK’s first sound art residency for Iranian artists and musicians.

Five emerging practitioners visit London for the first time from Iran on 9 December: Nasim Khorassani, Sepehr Haghighi, Nemo Ghasemi, Niloufar Em and Heckmat(t).

The two weeks intense preparation and technical workshops peak with the performance of “Iran-UK Sonics” at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, Friday 13 December.

Fari Bradley of Six Pillars who is running this visionary project with Southbank Centre, LCC and Resonance104.4FM “After a public call out and in-depth selection process, we’ve a hugely varied group coming to exchange ideas with the UK. Our aim is to dialogue with Iran about experimental music, and make a difference in terms of frequently problematic cultural perceptions.


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